TintCrete™ Resurfacer

Color tinted high-strength, non-shrink repair material

Repair Thickness

Featheredge to 1/4"

Set Time

1 Hour

Application Technique

Trowel, Brush, Spray


TintCrete™ Resurfacer is a 1 component, polymer modified, high performance concrete repair and resurfacing mortar. TintCrete™ Resurfacer is formulated to have a lighter color that matches existing driveways, sidewalks and patios. It is simply mixed with water and applied from featheredge to 1/4" thick in one application. Apply horizontal, vertical or overhead. Product sets in approximately 1 hour and is ready for light traffic in 6 to 8 hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit when broomed or brushed. Available in 12 standard colors. Custom Matching also available.

Dependable and Durable

• Long working time
• Polymer modified
• Portland Cement based
• Apply by trowel, broom, brush or spray

• One component – Just add water
• Light color matches most existing concrete
• 12 standard colors
• Custom matching available

Where to Use

• Concrete resurfacing
• Driveways, sidewalks
• Concrete patching up to ¼" thick
• Resurface pitted concrete

• Balconies, parking garages
• Tuckpointing
• Interior or exterior


TintCrete™ Resurfacer is a special blend of cements, aggregates and exclusive modifiers. Designed for general purpose and high performance concrete repair or resurfacing applications.


Trowel or broom apply. Rub or scratch part of the mixed material onto surface just prior to application. For finer finishing use a concrete finishers broom. For thickness over ¼" apply in multiple applications, allowing material to dry between each application, or consider using TintCrete™ Patch.

Packaging and Yield

Unit Size

Approx. yield

40 lb. bag

0.34 cu. ft.


Spec Data Sheet

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