Fast Setting Repair Products

For quick repairs

• Dependable & durable

• Fast setting and versatile usage

⅛" to 3" Applications


Patch and repair active leaks
in 3-5 minutes


Super HydroPlug™

Patch and repair active leaks
in 1-2 minutes


Featheredge to Full Depth Applications

10 Minute JET-Crete™

Fast repairs for concrete surfaces


See also: CTS Cement/Rapid Set Products

Best Uses

Designed for general concrete repair, applications where quick strength and pavement turn around is required.

Types of Structures

Highway and bridge repair
Airfield pavements
Parking decks and ramps
Sidewalks and steps
Floors and joints
Stucco and plaster repair
Mortar beds
Formed work
Doweling and anchoring
Industrial grouting
Setting posts
Industrial floors
machine bases

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Concrete Restoration
Form Flo P-38™
Form Flo P-51™
TintCrete™ Concrete
CT-40 Do All Mortar™
Quick Set Latex Concrete Repair™
TintCrete™ Patch
Dry Latex Concrete™
Latex Concrete Repair™
TintCrete™ Resurfacer
Gun-Rite™ 475 HP
Gun-Rite™ HP-W
Gun-Rite™ HP-W XTRA
Gun-Rite™ HP-D
Gun-Rite™ HP-D XTRA
Gun-Rite™ Cement-W
Gun-Rite™ Cement-W XTRA
Gun-Rite™ Cement-D
Gun-Rite™ Cement-D XTRA
Gun-Rite™ 5000
Gun-Rite™ 5000 XTRA
Gun-Rite™ DS-1
Gun-Rite™ DS-1 XTRA
Gun-Rite™ Accelerator
Gun-Rite™ SuperFlo
Rapid Repairs
Super HydroPlug™
10 Minute JET-Crete™
Resurfacing & Floor Leveling
JETaFLOW™ High Build
Dry Latex Concrete™
Latex Liquid Floor™
Dry Fast Set™
Crack Repair
10 Minute JET-Crete™
Liquid Crak Seal™
Super HydroPlug™
Bonding & Coating
B-1 Rebar Coating & Bonding Agent™
Concrete & Plaster Bond™
TRC Trowel-Rite & Cure™
JETaFLOW™ Primer
Latex Polymer Liquid™
White Aqua Shield™
Colored Products
TintCrete™ Concrete
TintCrete™ Patch
TintCrete™ Resurfacer
Custom Colorization
Roadware Products

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